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So far I cannot put your book down. You sure have had some wild experiences to tell about, that is for
sure. I am not much of a book reader unfortunately, but this one I could not put down. What an exciting
book with some crazy stories! The good Lord has sure been looking out for you. I have to say the story
that touched me the most was the second last one about the swan you took the fishing line and hook
from. I thought it was so awesome that she remembered you. That story really touched my heart. I have
to say  my mom in law used to spend a lot of time at Heinz picking up and throwing out all the fishing
line and hooks that people left behind so that the animals would not be effected by it. Great book!  

I finished your book. What crazy things you have endured!  It was hard to put down and I enjoyed every  
minute of it!  
Joyce Schlafer Word, Librarian, Texas

Hello Mark this is Jessica  I have emailed you before. I read your book. It was awesome! I can't believe
this stuff could happen to people! I mean you died- twice! And that swan oh my gosh, it caused I think
three car accents, WOW!
Your friend , Jessica 4th grade

I was thrilled to receive your book in the mail today. Thanks so much for sending me a personalized
copy.I read it this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. The stories brought back a lot of long forgotten
memories. I think you captured the most interesting experiences - good and bad - in your life thus far.
The book was easy and quick reading, just as if you and I were sitting down having a conversation.
I appreciate the time and effort it took for you to put your words on paper.

The reviews and sales of your book will surely give you renewed inspiration to continue full-force with
your rescue efforts and your shows.

Joyce Nadler
p.s. I must admit though, I did skip the chapter on spiders---even for you I cannot read about them!

I think that the book was wonderfully written. The stories are humorous, and even informational.
Its heartwarming too, when you reunite with the animals. Some of the stories are shocking too.
Great book!

Laurynn Green, Age 11, New Baltimore, Michigan

My name is Taylor and I loved your animal magic show. I loved Wookie!  I purchased your book and I
am addicted to it.  Werewolves of London is great!  Did you know the hospital you stayed at after the
attack was where my cousins were born?  Is Shay still in jail?  You must of been scared.  I know I
wouldn't of attacked I would've run!  Do you still have scars?  Samson is huge!  Do you still have
Taylor Vines

I finished the book too I LOVED EVERY PAGE OF IT all stories interested me if i could i would go and
tell it to you in your face and shake your hand your like a hero to me.
Hussein A Elashkar
We have now
sold almost
5500 books!
James really enjoys his
dad's book,
even if it's upside down!
Animal Magic is proud to announce our second book, "The Very
Crabby Sloth."  Diane Rosenthal wrote this wonderful, full-color
children's book and we were successful at keeping the price
extremely reasonable. It is now available for only
$7, which includes tax & postage!

Our address is
Animal Magic's Newest
The long awaited Animal Magic Unleashed books are finally here!   We
have two versions:  an all ages one and an adult one (you won't believe
some of the stories!).  They are much larger than our first book and
have many more photos.  We were able keep the same low price of only
$10 each (plus $3 postage).

Here is the first review we received:
"Loving your 2nd book! We got it last week when you were in  
Northville.  My daughter and I read a few stories every night...we laugh
and cry!  Seriously... This is the first time my 8 year old daughter has
ever cried from a book (and we read a lot)!  Thank you!!"
Becky Wilson

Our PayPal address is
You can also send a personal check, cash, Cashier's check or Money order to:
Animal Magic
P.O. Box 726
Belleville, MI  48112-0726

Please be sure to include how many books you want and where to send them.
Mark will autograph them for free...just be sure to write down
how you want them signed!