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Animal Magic Fan Page
(All proceeds go directly to the care of our animals!)
Just call (313) 819-5719 to order
Popcorn shirts
Available in red, white or blue.
We have children's large (same as adult small) and Adult XL

Only $20 each, plus $5 postage for any amount of shirts ordered
(we'll pay the difference)
Collectible Popcorn

Only $20 (Plus $3
Animal Magic is now offering two different
Professional videographers (5 different
angles!) filmed a couple of our sold out
performances at the Macomb Center in front
of thousands.  You can watch some of our
most popular, and most dangerous animals
from your very own living room!

These are available on Amazon for $50 each, or
you could just get them from us for only $20
each (plus $3 postage, no matter how many you

Special:  Get both for only $35 (includes
Giant African Crested
Porcupine Quills
Not for kids...these are
extremely sharp

Small  50 for only $20
Large   Only $1 each
Extra Large  Only $2 each

Please contact us about
Giant Eurasian
Eagle Owl Feathers

Only $10 each (plus $3
postage for any quantity)
Mark's first book, "Animal Magic," contains 39 chapters.
Every story in the book actually occured...even the one about
Mark actually dying twice! This book is suitable for all ages,
including adults.  There's also a photo section in the middle.

Mark's second book, "Animal Magic Unleashed," contains 39
non-fiction stories, with photos accompanying almost every
chapter.  These stories are all different from our first "Animal
Magic" book.   

Mark's third book, "Animal Magic Unleashed," contains 41
different non-fiction stories, with photos accompanying
almost every chapter. This book is only for adults, as the
language and a couple chapters are definitely not for kids!).

You can order any of our three chapter books through PayPal by
clicking on the "Buy it now" button.  They are $30 each on Amazon
and at book stores, but we were able to keep the price as low as
possible: Only $10 per book (please add $3 for postage for the first
book... we'll pay anything over that for multiple books). You can
also send a personal check, Cashier's check or Money order to:

Animal Magic
P.O. Box 726
Belleville, MI  48112-0726

Please be sure to include how many books you want and your
shipping address.
Mark will autograph them for free...just be sure to write down
how you want them signed

"The Very Crabby Sloth,"  is a full color, young child's book
written by Diane Rosenthal.

It's only $7, which includes tax & postage!
If you've seen our show, you've
asked this question:
"Where's Reggie?"

Get this popular T-shirt today!

Only $10.00 + $5 Shipping( for any