Exotic Animal Rescue

Shelter’s, Humane Societies, Animal Control
Many exotic animals are dangerous and require special care.  
Our licensed, non-profit, no-kill program has provided
assistance to animal related agencies all over southeastern
Michigan.  Additionally, you may contact us for assistance in the
removal of an exotic animal.  All animals rescued by our
organization will be well cared for in our USDA licensed facility
and used in our educational shows.  In some instances, animals
will be placed in other licensed and appropriate facilities such
as zoos or other educational programs.  Exotic birds, reptiles,
small mammals (including primates) and amphibians have all
been cared for by our organization.

Private Owners - No questions Asked!
Okay, so you’ve made a horrible decision and bought a
dangerous exotic and, perhaps illegal, animal.  Please don’t
release it in the wild!!  Animal Magic’s Haven program is fully
licensed and has over thirty three years of experience in
rescuing exotics.  Our animals are treated with compassion,
love and respect, and are used to help educate the public
about exotic animal conservation and why many of these
creatures are not good pets!  Do any of these scenario’s sound

Oops Scenario 1:
Where’s My Cute Baby Alligator?
You thought it was so adorable, you had to have it...now it
wants to eat you.  We don’t need your name or number.  Our
interest is in saving your exotic, not judging your decisions.   
Donate to our licensed program and erase your mistake.

Oops scenario 2:
My Monkey Throws Poop at Me!
Yes, they do that.  It’s only fun if you are a monkey! These are
beautiful, wonderful creatures but there are many reasons that
they aren’t good pets.  If you have been hit by one too many
dung piles, it may be time to give it up!

Oops scenario 3:
My Python Ate My Cat
A large hungry python can’t tell the difference between a family
pet (or child for that matter) and a nice meal.   Don’t blame the
python, he’s doing exactly what he is supposed to do!  These
animals are for experienced owners only!

What’s Your Oops Scenario?
No matter what it is, we’ll do our best to rescue you!  Contact us
and we’ll let you know immediately whether we can take your
exotic and incorporate it into our program.  We have also
placed non-dangerous, rescued animals in elementary school
classrooms throughout Michigan.   

Should You Purchase An Exotic Pet?
We are often asked about our position on the private ownership
of exotic animals.  Although they are beautiful and fascinating,
many exotics do not make good pets.  But that does not mean
we discourage ownership of all exotics!  Some can be
outstanding assets for teaching children about responsibility,
zoology and conservation (Examples are bearded dragons,
skinks, tarantulas, corn snakes, etc.).  Additionally, some are
wonderful pets that can live happy, long lives.  How do you
distinguish a mistake from a good choice?  Before you buy an
exotic, ask yourself these three questions:

Is it fair to the animal? Do you fully understand the care
requirements; do you have enough space for the animal to

Is it legal? Just because a pet shop sells it does not mean it will
be legal where you live.  Check ordinances and licensing.

Is it dangerous? Consider how big your animal will get; research
the potential dangers, especially if you have children!  Don’t
take chances!  

Animal Magic is a
No-kill Animal

The only animals
we don't take in
are dogs and

Although we love
them, there are
plenty of agencies
equipped to help
with  domestic

Please don't
release your
exotic into the
wild or give it
away to an
home!  We
accept animals
from all over the
No questions
We're an animal rescue, NOT an animal hospice.  Please don't wait until your animals are on their death
beds to call.  We can't count how many animals we've received when it's too late to help.  If you don't have
the funds to properly care for an animal, then please don't consider owning it!  

Please think carefully before obtaining any animal and make
appropriate plans for it's entire life.