We can’t do it without you!  Gaining the funds and supplies
necessary to provide free rescues and bring our program to
schools is challenging.  You can help in any of the following

1. Donations are always welcome!!!  Mail tax deductible
contributions to Animal Magic, PO Box 726, Belleville, Michigan,
48112-0726.  We also accept Paypal at iwantanimalmagic@aol.
com.  Just click the donation link to make a paypal donation.
Your generous contribution will be acknowledged here and will
help meet the important goals of our organization.

2. Book a show

3. Check out our wish list below and donate what you can!

4. Refer us to schools and other organizations

5. Check our iwantanimalmagic auctions on Ebay

6. Show up at our public performances!


Special Alert: We need help getting restaurants to donate their leftover food  (especially buffets and bakeries!)  If
you know a restaurant owner, convince them to donate the food they would normally throw out!   Our primates love it,
as well as most of our other animals!  We also need volunteer builders to complete several building projects in the
spring or summer, most of which will take very little time.  

Canned vegetables, especially sweet corn (not creamed) and green beans
Canned fruits, especially fruit cocktail, peaches and pears
Granola Bars/Fruit Bars (our lemurs, monkeys and kinkajous love these!)
Boxes of pasta (for our primates, kinkajou, foxes, raccoons, birds, armadillos)
All types of Nuts
Rabbit pellets (for tortoise bedding, porcupines & cavy food)
Alfalfa (rabbits, Patagonian cavies, chinchillas, prairie dogs, pot-bellied pig
Dry cereal (Cheerios, Bite-Sized Shredded Wheat, Fruit Loops, Corn Pops- our primates go “ape” over these!)
Bird seed (large hook-bill, small hook-bill)
Fresh fruits & vegetables
All kinds of bread (rodents, raccoons, opossums, cavies, birds, primates, etc.)
Sweet potatoes (wallabies, sloths, porcupines, bush babies, cavies, etc.)
Idaho, Russet or Michigan potatoes (Giant African crested porcupines, cavies, hairy armadillos)
Marshmallows-both mini and regular (all of our primates, porcupines and kinkajous love these!)
Fruit snacks (primates, squirrels, raccoons & kinkajous)
Microwave popcorn (light or no butter)
Gift Cards (we can purchase what we need for the animals!)

Pine or Aspen shavings
Rabbit pellets
Fencing or kennels
Blankets & towels

Paper towels (we go through a ton!)
Wet wipes-any brand
Sponges-for washing bowls.  We use a lot of these
Garbage bags (30, 33 & 45 gallon). The strongest ones possible
Dishwashing soap, preferably anti-bactertial
Steel wool soap pads

Horse troughs
Building materials
Corn cribs (for primates) - New or used.  We really need 1 or 2 of these!
Asphalt contractors!  We need a driveable path to our sanctuary!  
4x4 and 2x4 lumber
Sheds or barns
Bird toys for large hookbills (Amazons, macaws & cockatoos)

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