Dear Mark, Thank you so much for bringing some of your beautiful animals to our wedding!  They were the hit of the evening!  Everyone keeps talking about
    how much fun it was having you there!  Thank you for making our celebration so special!  Fran & Gary Grossman  9/22/2017

    Everything this man stands for, preservation, education and rehabilitation is what the world needs! He donates his valuable time and endless hours working
    hard to educate as many as he can on the importance of preserving and properly approaching wildlife and pets! As performers, we struggle every
    now and then trying to please everyone. If you or someone with you needs assistance during a show, this gentleman publishes his number publicly and is more
    than happy to accommodate you.  He finds joy in educating everyone! The things he teaches are so important, and for that we're all grateful. He gives a voice
    to animals who have none yet desperately NEED to be understood. Many thanks!   Cindy N Andres  7/28/2017

    Me and my children witnessed his show for the first time on Thursday.  It was amazing!  Not only did we love all the nice strange animals, we also learned a lot
    that we were actually able to use throughout the day. Today we had to take in an a tarantula for a friend and it's amazing how much they knew and were able to
    tell their dad (because he was super scared), just from knowledge from this show  Jon & Melissa  10/1/2014

    Mark has been an active community member for decades, educating thousands of adults and children alike. He respects the animals just as he respects the
    audience. He is considerate to all and realizes the limitations these animals have and informs immediately at the beginning of the show how delicate and
    dangerous the situation could be. He does not do this for fame and fortune, he is truly a hero to so many- my oldest son included.  Thanks for all you do
    Ashley Kisselle-Shukait  12/9/2016

    I have seen his show twice. First at our local elementary, and again at The Macomb Performing Arts Center. Each show is unique and educational! Emphasis is
    placed on the fact that his "animal ambassador's" are NOT pets, but rescue's; and are kept in a sanctuary.  Go see it!   Patricia Kay Takle  5/5/2017

    Mark really cares about his animals and they trust him!! They seem very happy and well taken care of...I enjoy all his updates and the videos and pictures he
    posts...I have learned so much by following Mark and his precious animals...He is very knowledgeable about the animals!  Beth England  7/28/2017

    I hate to call it a magic show, because it's so much more! It's educational, interesting and always keeps us laughing. We have seen Mark
    several times and even have his book! We have driven miles out of our way to see him and anyone who has seen him or follows him on social media can see
    how passionate he is about animal rehab and education! Annmarie Koon  11/23/2016

    I've known Mark my entire life and no one knows more, or cares more, about animal education then he does! His shows are packed full of fun and interesting
    things! If you ever get a chance to see one of his shows, DO IT!!   Stephanie Smith  8/8/2017

    The shows are very educational and fun for all ages (parents included!). I have seen Mark's shows a few times and love the fact that he educates folks on why
    exotic animals are not pets. He's such an asset to our community!   Sherlyn Johnson  6/24/2017
    Mark Rosenthal's enthusiasm, knowledge and love for animals really comes through during his shows. He makes learning about animals fun for people of all
    ages!  Deb  10/2/2017
    I love Animal Magic !! Always fun and great leaning experience to share with family and friends.   Holly Cummings  6/9/2015

    Went to a birthday party and saw the show.  Mark was funny and made it interesting.  He got everyone involved and the animals were awesome. I loved
    Popcorn! Mark talked to everyone and answered questions. It was an awesome time and we are now friends on Facebook. The magic keeps going and I get to
    see all his furry friends again and again.  Five stars!!!!!!!  Jeffrey Tryon  1/2/2017
    Mark performed at my daughters graduation party. Everyone loved it. The best show and very educational   Pam Pinter  2/5/2015

    Mr. Rosenthal has visited my classroom on several occasions. I have always started by telling the children that if they are afraid/nervous they are welcome to
    stand by me, as Mr. Rosenthal knows I'm afraid of reptiles and will NOT approach me with the animals. I always start out with five or six standing as close as
    possible next to me and every single year Mark has not only relieved fears, but every child is back up to the front of the room within reach of
    Mr. Rosenthal and I am left standing by myself. He teaches scientific facts, he relays the human aspect, he peaks curiosity, he calms fears, he entertains, and
    above all else he makes learning fun. His love, passion, and knowledge shine through.   Jan LaVaute  1/2/2017
    Almost a decade ago I was the person who dreamed of owning every exotic I could find to buy. That began to change after seeing my first Animal Magic show.
    Now I try to be part of the solution not the problem! The man who runs this, Mark, is 100% dedicated to rehabbing, rescuing, and teaching about the beloved
    exotics who own him. They are not his, he is theirs, and it shows! He's an amazing Showman for children, adult, or a blend. You won't go wrong hiring Animal
    Magic for your events. I've been to at least 6 shows over the years and leave entertained and better informed every time!   Stephanie Bennett  10/9/2017
    Mark does an amazing, educational, and entertaining show with his exotic animals! We hired him for my daughter's birthday party after she had seen him at
    Camp Quality of Michigan that summer. He helps educate people on many, many animals and he cares for so many animals in his sanctuary. Whether he has
    bred them for zoos or other educational programs or someone found them injured or neglected. He is passionate about animals. My husband and daughter
    even went with him once to rescue an injured goose at a local pond. As an animal lover I enjoy his videos and educational posts!   Wendy Marecle  1/9/2017

    I've been to one of Mark's shows and I love the way he combines entertainment and education. He's great with both kids and adults and it's really clear that he
    has a lot of respect for the animals in his care.  Katherine Prichard  5/22/2017

    Animal Magic brings a rare experience to life right in front of you. Marks knowledge and dedication to educating about all species is an inspiration to all young
    and old. If you haven't had a chance to see one of these programs you must find a way. It should be a bucket list item if anything because without people like
    Mark many animals loose their voice and will never be known about.    Jenn Kass  10/18/2016

    The best animal show for older kids who can sit still and listen and a great show for adults. If you have the opportunity to see him make plans and go. This show
    is awesome. Rare and endangered animals you will never be able to see up close.. Mark is a passionate teacher about animals.  Cathy Brandon  7/21/2017

    Mark is really amazing both as an educator and in showman ship. His shows really are amazing!   Shaina Dawn Lynn Russell  8/16/2017
    I have seen Animal Magic three times, and all of the shows have been wonderful. Mark cares about his animals first and foremost and loves being able to teach
    everyone about the animals. The show is such a joy to watch. That's for the good times, and thank you so much for taking such amazing care of all of those
    wonderful critters!   Dana Kilpatrick  3/22/2017

    It was great!  I'd recommend to anyone, my daughter's eyes just light up each and every time and new animal came out of there boxes!!!
    Nicole Harris  6/6/2017

    Mark brought his animals to my school. He explained ahead of time about the important matter of being quiet and staying seated during his show.  In my class
    alone there were 8 children with different disabilities. The show was awesome and the students loved it!  Mary Stickles  9/30/2014

    Saw Mark at Macomb Community College this weekend with my daughter who is 4. We both absolutely love the show! She came home and told her dad all
    about the animals. We would definitely see the show again!   Ashley Kusza  4/3/2016

    Great show and perfect for the whole family.  The animals are well taken care of and you can't go wrong watching this show.  Peter Szyszkowski  4/2/2017

    I have seen Mark twice and he is amazing!! All the students LOVED him and have been begging for him to come back!! All of his animals are beautiful and he is
    so great at keeping kids engaged and attentive, something that is difficult even for me!! Mark knows how to talk to the children and assure them they are
    completely safe! Even when one of his animals wasn't happy to be held and was squirmy no one was scared. Both times I have seen Mark his show is totally
    different. I hope we will see Mark again!!!   Meg Sonnenberg  2/3/2017

    The best animal show for older kids who can sit still and listen and a great show for adults. If you have the opportunity to see him make plans and go. This show
    is awesome. Rare and endangered animals you will never be able to see up close. Mark is a passionate teacher about animals.
    Cathy Brandon  7/24/2017
    Mark gave a excellent performance an the retirement home I work in early this month. A true inspiration.   Dakota Lucio  1/24/2017

    Animal Magic does an outstanding job educating the public on animals, they also do an amazing job at rescuing and rehabilitating animals!!!
    Christie Byer Sheats  1/3/2017

    Mark is the best animal rescuer/educator I have ever met. Never did I imagine I would learn so much from a free event I stumbled across at the library. This was
    over 6 years ago and still attend when possible. Love how he puts the animals safety and comfort first that he has rescued and makes learning fun for
    everyone.    Emily Snow  2/6/2017

    Mark is a wealth of information about his many exotic animals. He rescues them from people who can no longer care for them, for whatever reason. He houses
    them well and feeds them as well as anyone could imagine with fresh fruits, vegetables, insects, rodents or whatever each animal loves to eat. Mark tries
    vigilantly to find zoos that will take in his rescues. He also works with a veterinarian when an animal is found abused or neglected to try to bring the animal back
    togood health. He tames some of his rescues in his home in order to take them to visit schools (assemblies, science classes, libraries, birthday parties, and
    school Read-a-Thons...bringing a fiction book starring an animal, which he brings live to share with the kids). Mark has taken his animals to major TV stations in
    order to help educate the local public about rescuing exotic animals. He's called by police departments when they need an exotic animal rescued from
    someone's house. He also entertains at huge venues, such as the Macomb Performing Arts Center and various colleges. Mark is incredibly knowledgeable
    about each animal and shares his wealth of information with his charisma, charm and wit. He is definitely a "people person," as well as friend
    to our animal world. My life and my students' lives have been enriched by Mark's love and wealth of information about our animals.   Evelyn M. Larabell  
    Mark is awesome and very helpful. Meeting him years ago has been an honor. He is always helping and Educating. Several times I have had to call on him for
    different animal needs and he always loves to help!!   Brenda  Magdelano  10/10/2017

    Such an amazing show! I have been watching him preform for about 10 years now. I love how much he respects the animals and everyone's safety. Thank you
    so much for all you do and give to the community Mark! Hope to catch another show soon!   Amy Casey  3/30/2017

    Attended a show with my children...and they still talk about how great that "animal magic guy" was to watch! One still loves to read his book
    over and over! Great show.....a lot of great of all, a lot of great animals to learn about!   Phil Sporman  4/29/2017

    LOVED IT!  Mark is an absolute gentleman and (almost!) outshines the animals! Excellent presentation,engagement, and of course the craziest exotic animals
    you've ever seen. We all literally can't wait for an occasion to book him again. Wookie, Vixen, Sherman and the rest are welcome back any time!
    Kiernan Easton  5/29/2017
    Awesome program!! Thanks for doing what you do and inspiring the future of our earth !   Billy Rodriguez  3/22/2017

    My children love to watch as Mark does his shows. They have seen him many times at school..we even just went to the Riverdays where Mark was doing a show
    and that was the first I had seen his show myself.  I am really quite impressed!  I would like to thank Mark and his animals for all the hard work and the time they
    take to come out and introduce themselves. To let us see some amazing creatures. I am in love with them I must say myself. I really love the Sloth!
    Samantha M. Proskow  6/14/201

    WOW, just wow! Mark and his animals are absolutely amazing!  Sherri Rosenthal Watson  7/29/2017

    I have nothing but respect for how Mark entertains & most of all educates his audience, I've seen him help kids overcome a fear of an
    animal which was amazing to see, anyone who can have the patience for over 70 kids under the age of 7years old is a man I'm impressed with!
    Keep up the great work    Penni Yezbick Robertson  7/28/201

    Fantasic guy great healthy animals nice to see another that cares so much about educating people.   Amanda Gursky  8/4/2017

    I loved his show at MCFC a few yrs back. He has a great sense of humor. He's super informative and always makes sure everyone knows the animals aren't
    pets. Hope to have him over for a party some time.   Laura Pearson  8/22/2017

    Mark ALWAYS puts on a top notch show for all ages. He will ask to have kids keep quiet at times for the safety and we'll of his animal ambassadors, and all in
    attendance. A true professional.   Howard Greenberg  9/15/2017

    Best most informative animal show I've ever seen. I don't miss a chance to take my kids to shows when they are near my home.
    Jodie Thole-Jackson  9/9/2017

    I've been following Mark for awhile ! He was gracious and friendly and very knowledgeable! He gave free advice for some stuff I bought for my snake(JAKE) & (
    Rex) my leopard Gecko! And just the other day touched my heart when he did a surprise show for one of our soldiers over seas girlfriend for her birthday here
    in the states ! Awesome! I wish him the best!   William Harrell  9/22/2017

    Mark is amazing with his animals and his shows. Truly an ambassador for the well-being of the animals. His shows are a great blend of
    seeing exotic animals and understandng why they are exotic and not pets. Thank you, Mark and Animal Magic, for what you do.   Jody  Buckbee  10/5/2017

    i saw this man on the 4th of July at mccurdy park and he is absolutly AMAZING!!!! As a major animal lover myself, I only wish i could do the things that he does.
    The animals come first and that is how it should be!!! keep doing what you are doing because you are a very awesome human being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Heather Pelton  7/9/2017

    We (me, my 2.5 year old and husband) have been to several shows (free and paid) and we absolutely LOVE them. It's so
    informative, educational and extremely fun. We honestly can't wait to see another one!!!  Thank you for all you do Mark   Danielle Conte Miller  10/5/2017

    Mark came to the Swanton Ohio library a few yrs back.  Mark explained to everyone to please be quiet & if your child cries or makes any sudden noises to
    please just step out until your child has calmed down.  My nephew to this day (he's 10 now, he was probably about 6 or 7 then) talks about Mark & his cool
    animals.  My nephew even has his Animal Magic book that Mark signed for him.  Mark is an amazing man & we'd love to go see his show again.   Thank you
    Mark for your amazing show & everything you do for your animals!!   Kristy HB Rybak  10/7/2017

    I've seen animal magic a few times. Always been a supporter and cant think of a single ill thing to say on Marks behalf.
    My child is autistic, and out of every fair I've seen Mark at around the area, he has NEVER once made me feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or anxious....
    I'd suggest taking a peek the next time he's in your area, and learning about some of the wild life he has. Popcorn is my FAVORITE!
    Nichole Brewer  2/15/2017

    My children and I have seen the show multiple times and Mark did a special show for my daughter's fundraising event to raise funds for her service dog. We
    have seen him perform with typical audiences and primarily audiences of special needs children and their families. He has consistently done a fabulous job -
    funny, educational, entertaining and all while being safety minded. For many years we have herb and continue to be big fans!   Marlowe Diana  8/2/2017

    Mark was incredible with my daughter Julia when she was 8.  He was very gentle and made it easy for her to hold a snake she feared.  She enjoyed his show so
    much she chose to ask her principal if they could bring Animal Magic to her school in Portage Michigan.  Mark is awesome with children and I am a clinical social
    worker specializing in children dealing with trauma.   Michelle Belle  8/21/2017

    This amazing individual is a hero to these animals. He's great with kids and grown ups alike and I never felt like I was in danger or the animals were being
    mistreated. If anything, I left the show wishing I could do more to help his rescue efforts. I love that he stresses the safety of the animals in his shows, and that
    they are not to be kept as pets. I so respect and admire the difference this man is making in the world for creatures who can't speak for themselves. Well done,
    sir.   Andrea Eichman Moore 8/19/2017

    Not only are Mark's shows amazing, He is kind hearted and also isn't in this for entertainment....He does it for the love of animals. His love for these animals is
    obvious. He is a great community member too. I have seen him come to the rescue of the communities animal questions and even save animals that would
    otherwise be roadkill. The animals love him and he loves them just as much...and it shows in his educational shows.    Christina Christman  7/29/2017

    Have had the true pleasure of seeing Mark's show twice in the past week. Absolutely loved it! Where else can one see a binturong, sloth, fennec fox and
    armadillo close up? He clearly loves his animals and is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge which he shares with all who attend his shows (and beyond through
    his books). You do great work, Mark!    Linda Kett Eads   8/20/2017·

    I saw this man on the 4th of july at McCurdy park and he is absolutly AMAZING!!!! As a major animal lover myself, I only wish i could do the things he does. The
    animals come first and that is how it should be!!! keep doing what you are doing because you are a very awesome human being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Heather Pelton  7/28/2017

    Great show! So informative and entertaining. Great way to introduce kids to animals of all kinds. We saw it with a large group of boys with mixed abilities and all
    had a great time.  Jessica GeBauer  7/29/2016

    Mark was excellent! He did my son's 5th birthday party and it was AMAZING! My son can't stop talking about it. Keep up the great work!
    Katrina Bowens  September 9, 2017

    Mark was amazing from the first time I talked to him on the phone about my son's 6th birthday party!  He was genuinely interested in knowing what my son would
    like at his party. I felt as if I called him on short notice.. ( I think it was a month, but not sure..) and he was able to make his day stretch later to make our party.
    He was...wonderful would be an understatment!! I'm unsure if the kids or adults were more entertained!! He kept all of his interested and excited! Funny, yet so
    very knowledgeable! Mark truely cares about his animals, though he loves entertaining he will never put that ahead of his animal or audiences safety. And that
    is truly hard the find these days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.    Tara Schoettley  June 6, 2017

    Awesome experience. He geared the information and language to the age of the students and they had a blast!  Tammy Baker  February 19, 2014

    Best animal show ever. Best cared for animals I've seen.    Derek Warshaw  November 14, 2016

    Educational and Entertaining!  Not only did my children enjoy the show, but I did as well! Very professional and protective of both the children and the animals. I
    was very pleased with his knowledge of animals and teaching the children the difference between a pet and a wild animal.
    Andrea Jennings  February 11, 2014

    The most amazing show we have ever seen!  Extremely entertaining and educational, this was by far the best animal act we have ever seen! We will definitely
    be hiring Animal Magic again!    Diane Wagoner  June 24, 2011

    Hi. I know you don't know me but I remember seeing my first animal magic show in 5th grade. It was the coolest and then I found out that I actually knew your
    daughter Jessica and had classes with her, I felt like the coolest kid in school because I knew the animal dude's daughter and we were friends.  I just wanted to
    say seeing your shows was the best part of my childhood. My parents adopted three kids a couple years back and they
    saw their first Animal Magic show not too long ago. They were so excited and their eyes were bright and big while they explained every animal Mr. Rosenthal
    showed them. It's just great knowing, from experience and seeing it again with my own eyes, how much joy you bring to the kids. I now have 3 children of my
    own and I can't wait for them to come home one day and tell me about your awesome Animal Magic show. Have a great day and keep up the good work.  
    Michael Zabik

    I just want to say thank you!  We were at your Livonia Carl Sandburg show on Tuesday. I wasn't sure Logan would sit through it...she has sensory processing
    disorder and tends to get uneasy in crowded situations where there is plenty of the "unknown." Within 10 minutes she whispered, "I will keep an open mind, he
    seems really good mommy."  Logan has been playing "animal show" each day since and talks about you constantly.  She remembers almost all the amazing
    facts you taught us and cannot wait to see you again.  We are almost done with your book...amazing stuff!  Keep up the good truly have a gift!  
    Thanks again for 2 hours of amazement!!!

    PS: I have a major fear of tartanulas...for some reason, I didn't even squirm when your brought that "baby" out. I was so interested by what you were teaching, I
    didn't have time to panic!!!     Marianne Petro Terpack

    I just want to thank you for an amazing show yesterday (4/10/2017).  My wife, kids, all our friends...everybody had an amazing time.  It was a once in a lifetime
    experience and I'm very, very glad I found you on-line and was able to book you on such short notice.  It was a phenomenal show and it was great having you.
    You are very professional, extremely energetic and everybody loved you.  Good luck to you in the future and, once again, thank you for an amazing day.  
    William Krieg

    Just thought that we would drop a note of appreciation for such a wonderful presentation at the Sprinkler
    Lake Education Center in Alcona County on Saturday,  October 1st.  The children had no idea that they were actually learning while watching the funny and
    entertaining demonstrations with the beautiful animals. We absolutely enjoyed every minute. Thank you ALL for the educational experience and we hope to see
    your organization in the Alcona County area in the future           so that ALL may enjoy the same experience as our family shared this weekend.
    God Bless and Good Luck in your future television debuts.
    The Lipscomb Family-girl with the bright pink cast
    P.S. We purchased the book and the video.... and the first thing the girls did after we got in.....watched in amazement!!!! The room was silent (not very common
    for pre-teen giddy little girls) as they watched and took in ALL of the educational information with regards to the variety of exotic species. JUST AWESOME,
    SO WHAT DID REALLY HAPPEN TO REGGIE THE HEDGIE? AND HOW CAN WE GET A REGGIE T? It would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer with a
    note as
    to Reggie's whereabouts.

    20 years ago, when i was young and had a full head of hair, we had an animal educator come into our classroom with some incredible animals. I knew at that
    point i wanted to do something with animals but i wasn't sure what. After seeing the incredible relationship this man had with his animals, i knew that i wanted to
    be an educator. 20 years later, thanks to social media i was able to speak with the man that inspired a dream so many years ago. Earlier today I visited Mark
    Rosenthal at his home picking up some Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for our creepy crawly expo this weekend. While there i was able to have one of the
    top 5 coolest animal exp. of my life. Most people don't know what a Binturong or bear-cat is but they are incredible animals. Imagine a racoon crossed with a cat
    and a monkey. Everyother one I've ever seen has been rather vicious but thanks to the love and care of this man and his family, I was able to meet this
    incredible animal face to face. Thank you again Mark, for everything.    Brendan Bear Finerty

    Best show ever...thank you for making it out to us!  Thank you for the best two hours I've had in a while I'm a big animal person besides the spiders
    but what you do with these animals is such an amazing thing may you have a very merry Christmas �� and happy early birthday to this beauty popcorn
    ‎Cassie Doll Vinton

    Thank you Mark Rosenthal for the best hour and a half I've had in ages! I think I was just as excited as the 2nd graders in the front row, if not more. I didn't
    expect Popcorn the binturong to have glossier fur than I do, though. I will need to work on that... Do you know what shampoo she uses?    Aubree Harat

    On January 19, 2017 you came to Way Elementary School and presented two assemblies;  the first to K-2nd and the second to 3rd-4th.  Not only was your
    presentation age-appropriate and educational, but your animals were interesting and adorable!  Students are still talking about the assemblies!  I also very
    much appreciate your professionalism and the fact you stayed on schedule without sacrificing the quality of your shows.  Thank you for everything!
    Erika Solomon, Way PTO Enrichment Chairperson

    I attended your show with my 5 year old son Benny.  From the moment we returned home the first thing he wanted to do was to go on your web site.  Benny
    enjoyed the entire show and will not stop talking about it.  He was repeating back to me the safety tips that you were educating the audience with for each
    animal.  Thank you for a wonderful and educational evening, we both had a blast!    Larry Kirshner

    Mark, my daughter is in morning kindergarten at Bush Elem in Essexville where you brought your animals last Friday, Feb 11. I just wanted to let you know that
    she paid such close attention to your every word & really enjoyed the show!! She learned a lot!! It was so wonderful to hear her talking for days about all of the
    facts she learned from you! Thank you for what you do, children are sponges & it's great to see them soaking up positive information!!
    Keep up the awesome work & thank you!!    Miranda Antcliff

    Awesome show today at the Redford Library.  I was very impressed by how you presented yourself and the animals.  Great job, we loved it and  can't wait to
    start reading your book.  Nicole

    Mark, Thank you for being a part of the magic at Camp Quality last week. My daughter is a two time cancer survivor and was there last week. She is still talking
    about the experience. She has your business card and has made several copies to pass out and scanned it to the computer just in case she loses it. She would
    love to have you at her birthday party. I said to her, "you do realize he is from Belleville too", of course she already knew. I just wanted to send a special note to
    let you know how much you are appreciated by these kids and us parents too
    Take Care, Wendy Marecle

    My son's school hired Mark for a Reading Night that they hold every year. Mark was fantastic with the kids and the adults. He brought some animals that you
    don't often get to see. My son talked about his show for a long time after."
    Jodi Mercier Owner at Wildflowers Photography

    Thank you for a great show in Clarkston (as always!). The fake snake flying into the audience was hilarious!  A must have,for every show! Also, thanks for the
    info on the milk snakes.  
    Thanks Mark, Your fans, Scott, Robin,Tommy and Kayla.
    P.S. Where's Reggie? How do you do that trick? I won't tell anybody!  (Just kidding! I know how you do that trick. You put him down your pants! Also kidding!!!
    Had to go there! Ha!.. Couldn't help myself. I don't want too know. It would take all the fun out of it!) Your shows are, so much fun!

    I love your shows, it is amazing.  You have the most amazing animals I have ever seen!  I am doing something in writing in my school and we picked one
    thing in our life and I picked the second time I met you!  Anytime I see you at school I get real excited and I want to say hi but I get really shy sometimes.  I have
    read your book over and over and I love it.  I watch your video too.  Well, I hope you enjoyed the letter.
    Sydney Sierlaff, Your #1 Fan

    Thank you so much for coming to our library and performing at our final program for the SSummer Reading Program.  The children (and adults) enjoyed
    themselves, and your performance was definitely a treat for all who could attend.  We had an amazing turnout and you were pronounced "top shelf" by several
    audience members.  
    Leanna Chappell, Swanton Public Library

    Great job last night at the Bloomfield Twp Library show!  My wife and I brought our two sons and we loved it.  They had seen you once before and we're
    really excited to go back.  You can see the passion you have for what you do.  I wish more people in the world had that type of fire for their work.  You are
    providing an amazing educational experience for the kids (and adults) who attend.  Keep up the great work!
    Jim Collins

    Dear Mr. Rosenthal.  On behalf of the Arrowwood Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, staff and students, we would like to thank you for sharing your
    knowledge, skills, and talents at ArrowQuest 2013.  The day was true to it's promise to expose the students to new phenomena in a fun, hands-on manner.  
    The goal is to provide students with new ideas for hobbies, for talents, for physical/mental/emotional outlets, for awareness of others, and for future careers.
    By George, we think we succeeded thanks to you!!  

    We cannot thank you enough and cannot tell you how so appreciative we are that you participated in this special day.  While walking through the halls that day,
    I personally heard "this is the best day of the year" from the children.  We know the students enjoyed it, as they are still talking about you!
    Sincerely, Kim Cereske and Missy Stantz (ArrowQuest Committee Co-Chairs)

    "I have to say I saw your show a few years back at Bellevilles strawberry festival an you scared the crap outta me by throwin a fake HUGE spider out into the
    crowd that landed by my leg making me jump n run like a bolt of lightening hittin me!!!! 'Ill never forget the experience. Or how your the one who got me into
    rats. I got my first pet rat Malachi from you right there at the show an I've had rats ever since so thanks to mark and animal magic i carry education with me an
    my love of rats an my fear of spiders still. Thanks I gained a love for an animal i never thought i would and a great experience."
    Kasla Kelsey

    I’m bummed to discover that I’m out of town this Sunday, as I was adding this excitedly to my calendar (so now I can’t go).   I first saw Mark Rosenthal at a
    library event in Ann Arbor-He’s got a great mission and a great show.   He performs a lot for schools, and I even once a few years back hosted a large gathering
    and he performed in my house!  One of my adult guests pulled me aside and emphatically said, “That guy is AWESOME.  That was the most interesting animal
    show I’ve ever seen!”  

    Mark’s Animal Magic show is a combination of magic show and animal education.   He’s a licensed rescuer for illegal “pets” people have dumped on him once
    they got bigger and started to get dangerous or undesired: you know: alligators, kangaroos, snakes, tarantulas, and lots more  . . . If zoos can’t take these
    animals, he takes care of them, and he regularly takes a selection of interesting animals out to his live shows and teaches people cool things about them.
    Mary Garton

    I really wanted to e-mail  you about how awesome your assembly is.  I really want to read our book and find out more about the animals.  I think my favorite part
    was probably everything.  I was wondering if you are coming again this year.  Probably not because you are REALLY famous.  I am going into 6th grade next
    year and I really want to see you again.  Your show was the best because most animals shows that come to school only come to show off and you came to show
    us why not to have exotic animals.  You also taught us a lot of information on animals and I had a big talk with my family on how awesome school was today
    because you came and showed me the coolest animals in the world!!!! I think if you hadn't came that I would of came home and my mom ask me how my day
    was and I would say um okay I guess.  Today I came home and while I was doing homework I was blabbing on about how cool my day was at school. So thank
    you very much for making my school day not boring.
    Lily, Oak ridge Elementary school, 5th grader
    P.S. My mom said this was ok e-mailing you.

    On behalf of the Juvenile Detention staff and residents, I would like to thank you for coming to our facility and making the Animal Magic presentation.  The     
    show was completely unlike anything we have ever seen.  The residents enjoyed seeing the sloth and the kinkajous, and the lemur definitely stole the show.  
    The residents are still talking about the show!
    Shelley Kolleth, Summer Rec. Coordinator

    What can I say?  Thank you for giving our kids another wonderful show in Blissfield Michigan!  We have been coming to see you at the River Raisin Festival
    for the past three years.  Each show has been unique, entertaining and informative.  Thank you so much.

    What can I do to keep you coming back to the Blissfield festival each year?  Should I express my interest to the festival director?  If we have to convince you to
    make a return trip every year then I hope emails such as mine help in that process.  If you keep coming back, we'll keep bringing the kids.  It's a GREAT show!
    Mark and Sheila Southward

    Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your show today at my boy's school (Carpenter Elementary) and I finished your book about an hour ago.  I
    couldn't put it down!  Every minute I had today I was reading your great stories!!  It got a lot of attention at the boy's karate class and I shared your web site  :)  
    Thanks again for a wonderful read and a great show!    Penni Robertson

    Mark, I saw your program today (7/19/2012).  I was the kid who asked how many bones does a human have in its body.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that your
    show was the best show I've ever seen!  You're sooooooo awesome and very daring.    A. Jay G.  P.S.  Where's Reggie!

    My three sons (Joey, Jonathan and Joshua), my wife and I attended your show at Macomb Centre this past Saturday. AWESOME!!  Thank you for sharing your
    experiences, your talent and your passion for these amazing animals. My wife and I had NO idea about your preserve and your mission.  My boys couldn't get
    enough of you and your animals. In fact, my oldest (Joey-8) has already ripped completely through your book and just about told us every story (practically
    verbatim).  Mark, thank you again for sharing this great passion. We had a great time. Joey inquired about having you over to do his birthday. Anyhow, I just
    wanted to once again thank you for an amazing time, congrats on the Entertainer of the year award and God bless you and your family for what you do. James
    was a riot!!
    VERY sincerely--Joe Opolski

    Saw Animal Magic today with Mark Rosenthal.  AMAZING!!!  Today was not only fun for the kids, but so educational!!!!!  We
    met Mark after the show and he was awesome and left such a wonderful, special impression on my kids!!!!  Thank you for a wonderful day and experience!  
    Hope to see you again!!!!    Renee, Vet tech student

    "World renowned animal trainer and magician, Mark Rosenthal, appeared at the Fred C Fisher' s Discover New Trails’ Program.’  He wowed a packed house of
    300 delighted children of all ages.”         Heritage Newspaper

    WOW!  What a presentation!  Thank you for taking the time to visit Maconce Elementary School.  Your presentation was very creative and captured the interest
    of the children.  Students and staff alike enjoyed the variety of animals you presented.  Sharing of your time, talent
    and special friends was inspirational to us all.  Thanks again for sharing with us.    Mrs. Carol S. Selby, Principal

    We went to the show at the Milan Middle School last night and my kids loved it. I bought your book and had to read it as soon as we got home. I love it! I hope
    that we get to come to one of your bigger shows!    Beckie Urbance

    Dear Mark, I just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it very much.  I laughed and I cried. Your stories are wonderful and you are a very good writer. I want to
    be the first in line for your next one.    Marilyn Flack

    From the moment we returned home the first thing he wanted to do was to go on your website. Benny enjoyed the entire show and will not stop talking about it.
    He was repeating back to me the safety tips that you were educating the audience with for each animal. Thank you for a wonderful and educational evening we
    both had a blast!”      Larry Kirshner, Parent

    Hi!  My name is Charlie.  You came to our school Way Elementary on May 9, 2011.  I want to know how many animals you have?  I LOVE REGGIE!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)   Before the assembly the kids before us said
    it was by far the BEST assembly EVER, even though the two were different.  Of course I loved it or I wouldn't be writing this right now.  I don't usually write
    emails (especially from assembly's).  By far this was the BEST ASSEMBLY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Charlie third grader at Way Elementary school
    p.s.  I  want to be what you are when I grow up.  

    Thank you for a wonderful learning experience for the Bennie Bobcats!  Students and their teachers were buzzing about you and your animals all afternoon.  I
    also appreciate the rapport you built with our students.  Animal Magic is FANTASTIC!!!
    Cathy Goulet, Principal, Bennie Elementary

    Thank you for your fabulous educational techniques and hands on approach and personality that makes learning what it should be...FUN!”
    Mrs. Larabell, Savage Elementary

    “Your Animal Magic program was the perfect, entrancing blend of education and entertainment and was thoroughly enjoyed by our audience of 450
    Dorie Freebury, Northville Library
    “Wow! I don’t know who enjoyed it more, the staff or the students!  You are great with both!”    Michelle Weiss, Way Elementary School

    “Thanks for teaching my students that studying life science means something in the real world.  It made my job a lot easier!”         Chelsea McKinnon

    “I loved your show Mr. Rosenthal.  I have decided that when I grow up, I want to be an animal doctor and I want to save the rainforest and I want to do what you
    do.   I am not even afraid of snakes anymore.”        Emily Adams, 4th grader

    “Thank you! What a SUPER job! The kids ask every day if you’re coming back."    Julie Chotkowski, 2nd grade teacher

    “Mark, You are amazing and your animals are spectacular! It was terrific (as usual!)”    Jenny Hoagland, teacher at Way Elementary School

    “Mark. Thank you so much for coming to Dearborn and giving us such an awesome and educational show! We were very thrilled and we all had a lot of fun.”   
    Jehad Najada, Teacher

    “Mark, thank you so much. It was amazing the way you handled the kids and the animals!"      Ola Saad, Healthy Kids Project
    “Mark-Thank you so much for a GREAT animal experience. The campers AND staff had nothing but good things to say.”
    Heather Sinawi, RARA Camp director

    “The children loved you (so did I)! Thanks for sharing with our kids. Now everyone wants a bush baby.”    Rhonda Block, teacher

    “The animals are are terrific! Thank you for everything you do!”    Cindy O’Connor, teacher

    Mark Rosenthal is the BEST! He has brought his animals into my science classes for many years and shared many unique and unusual animals with my
    students.  Do you know what "ovoviviparous" or "poikilothermic" mean?  Mark taught my kids many more vocabulary words and their meanings while presenting
    animals that exemplified the scientific terms. What a wealth of knowledge Mark shared with my students. He's quite an educator!!
    Eve Brown, 5th grade teacher

    This show is truly one of a kind. Mark introduces his animals and magic tricks to the audience in a very unique and entertaining manner. The kids adore him and
    flock to see this show. I learned a lot about animals myself. This show is, without a doubt, the most entertaining, interesting and creative one I have ever seen.
    Lynn Looner,

    My family and I have seen Mark 5 different times and we want to see more! I am an elementary school principal and this show is so amazing that our teachers
    loved it as much as the kids. Highly recommend!!    Richard Banks, Principal

    This show is so unique. Mark not only entertains but educates as well, bringing with exotic animals he has rescued. He has entertained at many libraries,
    schools, and various functions and he has "followers" in many states and his reputation is still growing. We
    highly recommend him for family entertainment for all ages!    Beverly, parent

    I took my 3 kids to see this show and it was truly AMAZING! We have since seen him 2 more times and all of us were blown away.  We plan on seeing him again
    at  the Northville library this summer. A must-see show!    Amy Plat, parent

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Mark Rosenthal, the guy who we met at the Novi Family Pet Expo who gave me my Fear Factor Experience. I feel he
    deserves a real Shout Out!!!   I had seen him before at the Pizza People's Birthday Party and he did an AMAZING show with all kinds of dangerous and exotic
    animals.  Jonah was talking about the Alligator he brought for weeks afterwards.  So, if you are looking for a cool birthday party idea, you should check this guy
    out.  And even if you are not, check out when he will be doing public shows because he is absolutely fascinating!!!!! Don't worry, he won't make you hold a
    tarantula....hehehe. Not unless you want to.    by Donuts Mom