Animal Magic, Inc.
(313) 819-5719   Now in our 36th year!

Welcome to Our Wild World!
Mark Rosenthal’s “Animal Magic” is a non-profit, 501 (C)
3 organization (I.D. # 20-3596003) dedicated to exotic
wildlife conservation and life science education.  For the
past 36+ years, our programs have educated and
enlightened audiences across the U.S.
 Our unique
blend of exotic animals, life sciences and magic have
made us one of the most sought after acts in the country.
We were even voted Nickelodeon's Michigan
Entertainer of The Year!  

Through our ever-popular, live performances, we have
shared our knowledge, respect and appreciation for the
animals that share our planet.  Educating the public and
promoting conservation are just a couple of the many
ways we show our commitment to the animal kingdom.   
When local animal control officers are confronted with a
dangerous exotic, we’re sent in to rescue the often
illegally obtained “pet.”  Our fully licensed “Haven”
program also accepts most exotic animals (including
venomous snakes) from private citizens.  We are
dedicated to helping those who have discovered that
owning this type of “pet” is unfair to the animal, potentially
dangerous and far more difficult than they imagined.

Just a few of our amazing programs!
Animal Magic has launched a brand new assortment of
specially themed programs.  Check the list below for new
adventures but remember, our original Animal Magic
presentation (a fascinating program involving a variety of
animals from around the world) is always available and is your
best bet if you don't require a specialized show!

Endangered (& rare) Species - This is a must-have
assembly if your school is green, or even considering going
green!  A laughing kookaburra, a gigantic Mexican Beaded
lizard and a gila monster are just a few of the rare animals we
can bring out.  Your school can even adopt one of them and
we'll send you updates and photos of "your" animal.
Please call Mark for more information.

Rainforest Treasures
World Record Animals
African Adventures
Astonishing Australia
Intriguing Invertebrates
Nocturnal Wonders
Amazing Albinos
Arboreal Acrobats
Sensational Serpents
Secretive Chelonians

Are you looking for another kind of program?  
We can accommodate it, just ask!  

Thousands of schools have benefited from
educational performances on topics designed to
meet the needs of their curriculum.  Whether students
are studying reptiles, mammals, the rainforest,
adaptation or any other subject, an up-close view and
an entertaining presentation will ensure that the
information will be remembered long after the
textbooks are closed.

We are one of only a handful of recommended
school assemblies by MEMPSA (Michigan
Elementary and Middle School Principals

We are currently booking assemblies for
the 2016-2017 school year.   
Reserve a spot now, before your
school misses out on a wonderful
learning experience from Nickelodeon's
Entertainer of the Year!

We accept all major credit cards, as
well as checks!
Proud member of the
Association of
Professional Wildlife
Proud member of the
Michigan Festival and
Events Association
Proud member of the
Feline Conservation
Federation (FCF)
For a glimpse into Animal Magic's amazing
program, click the snake below to view our two
minute promotional video.  
Buddy, our white-faced
Barbie, one of our laughing kookaburras
Bubo, one of our giant Eurasian eagle owls
Roxie, our
rock hyrax
Mark, performing with Disney
Ben, one of our fennec foxes
Stinky, one of our
Boo, one of our leucistic texas rat snakes
Formic, one of our tamanduas
Finnick, our serval
Silver, one of our silver-backed jackals
Proud member of the
Zoological Association
of America (ZAA)
A couple of our
OVER 4000
Widget, our beloved Black &
White Ruffed Lemur
USDA License

DNR Permit
#SC n1349
Fully Licensed
and Insured
Animal Magic   (313) 819-5719
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Last Updated December 9, 2016

What better way to introduce kids of all ages to
the wonderful world of animal adaptation than
to have Animal Magic come out and
demonstrate in person!  Students always have
more fun and retain more when they
experience things first hand, and this show is a
fantastic way to get them to do just that!  

Our newest presentation is for the younger
crowd called "Animal Coverings".  This visual
presentation teaches your students about
feathers, scales, skin, hair, scutes, quills and
fur in a fun, yet informative, way.  

Please call Mark at 313-819-5719
for more information or to
schedule assemblies.
Seven, one of our sloths
Wookie, our 19 year old kinkajou
Entertainer of
The Year!
Professional member of
the American
Association of

We update our website at least
once per month, so please make
sure you check out all the pages by
clicking on their links to the left.
Thanks for visiting.
Animal Magic is honored to mention the following celebrities we've been asked to perform for:  
President Obama, Hayden Panettiere, Neve Campbell, Wes Craven, Colin Powell, David Arquette,
Emma Roberts, Matthew Lillard, Dan Gilbert, members of the Detroit Lions, Tigers, and the Red Wings.
Popcorn, our binturong