Newsletter and Schedule
Please check back monthly, we are always adding new public events!
September 1 and 2
Wild Woods Animal Park, Clarendon, PA
11:30,2:30 and 5:30 (both days)
November 17
Moose tracks Nature Preserve, Lake Orion
1 p.m

Animal Magic is now selling 2013 Entertainment books.  It is the
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humane societies or private citizens in the safe removal of exotics
from the community.  We have also offered either a new home for
the animal or found a suitable placement in a zoo or other
educational facility.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to offer
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Professional videographers (5 different angles!) filmed one of our sold out
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It is 152 pages chock full of humorous, dangerous, true stories (plus photos) compiled from
Mark's past 40+ years.
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You can find more info on the "Mark's Book" page.  Just click on the link to your left.

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